B for Bersih 3.0

From the movie V for Vendetta (2005) :

People should not be afraid of the governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.”

Can you believe it? There's even a saying that this photo was photoshop-ed...

The photo above clearly depicted one clear message to all : UNION IS STRENGTH!

It seems that the riot police estimated that only a mere 25,000 joined the rally, and I must say that they are suffering from “Foot in Mouth” Syndrome.

Come on, stop insulting our intelligence.

And it seems that the rally was cut short by the teargas and water cannons, which was really a pity. It was supposed to be a peaceful assembly, I mean a really peaceful sit-in. But who caused the chaos?

The crowd consists of people from all walks of life, with the only intention of showing that they cared for a clean and fair election. Is there really a need to fire all those teargas and water cannons?

A peaceful sit-in. PDRM, please justify your brutality.

I saw the news on TV, and nothing was mentioned about the 2 ralliers being rammed by those bastards’ vehicle. I heard one of them didn’t make it to the hospital.

Expect a big cover up by the mainstream media.

Good job...

It was also confirmed by Guang Ming Daily that one of their photographers was arrested while taking photographs of the event. Many other reporters claimed to be assaulted by the police force, and many tripods, cameras, and phones were seized by them, only to ensure that the truth is kept away from the public.

They (reporters) are just doing their job...

I’m sure we all know who to blame for the chaos and who to vote for in the next general election. Those who brutalized the public, spreading lies in the media, stopping us from calling for an electoral overhaul, certainly won’t get our vote.

Go on and blame the opposition. We certainly know better.


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